By. Tri Aan Agustiansyah

Assalammualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Hay friend, my name is Tri Aan Agustiansyah and call name is Aan. In this occasion I would like to tell my opinion about: What is brain? What is Beauty. the relation between both, one is more important brain or beauty and so on.

The First of all discuss what is brain? Brain is one of the most important organ in our body, it’s function is as a controller in all of body system. Brain also determine whether someone is clever or not. In this case good brain and clever person become the main from other people.

Beautiful is someone who has good performance it can be from their face, figure, hair, and smoth skin and also good smile, good and white teeth and not smell bad. Selecting beautiful girls is obligation as Rasulullah said. A girl is married because 4 aspect that’s is her walth, generation, beauty and religion. From that hadis beauty is one of qualification.

Why is something beautiful? David Hume argued that beauty exist not in thing but “in the mind that contemplates them”. Everyone has at some point heard the old saw that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But plato had a fanciful answer made to argue for a universal truth : in his world of forms, he claimed there existed a perfect form of beauty, which was imperfectly manifested in what we call beautiful.

How is the relation between brain and beauty, both of them are interrelated and both of them are very important. Of course a beautiful girl with a smart brain become main choice. And of cource the objective of someone is different indicating the beauty of a girl. I my self want a perfect girl, she has a good face and good brain. We say it is as inner beauty (she is also good inside). Brain is as important as beauty and both of them should be had by every woman I expected.


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